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Our team consists of experienced legal professionals specializing in tax law, civil law, and criminal law. With 27 years of collective experience, we offer expertise to address a wide range of legal challenges. Our goal is to ensure that we deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients, whether they are facing tax-related issues, civil disputes, or criminal charges.

Over 28+ Years Collective Experience

With over 28 years of collective experience in tax and civil criminal matters. We have handled a wide range of matters, from tax disputes to civil litigation and criminal matters. Our deep knowledge of tax codes, regulations, and criminal defence strategies, combined with a commitment to ethical practice, has earned us the trust of countless individuals and businesses.

Professional And Experienced Tax Lawyer

Adv. Paramjit S. Jaswal​

Since 1999, Mr. Paramjit S. Jaswal has dedicated himself to serving domestic and international clients with expertise in income tax matters, encompassing ITR filing, dual taxation guidance and comprehensive GST services across various tax categories. His commitment to upholding the law has been instrumental in ensuring the firm’s sustained success in delivering professional services.

“Strategy without planning is the slowest route to victory.
Planning without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Professional And Experienced Civil Litigation & Criminal Lawyer

Adv. Poonam Jaswal​

Ms. Poonam Jaswal has extensive expertise in resolving a sale of domestic disputes, ranging from intellectual property and commercial matters to cheque bounce, Motor Vehicle Act disputes, civil litigation, arbitrations, and regulatory issues. Her competence has been a significant factor in our firm’s ongoing success.

“Planning without action is the dream before disappointment.
Action without planning is the nightmare before failure.”

Committed To Helping Our Clients Succeed

Our Values

Client-Centered Approach – Our mission is to provide solutions to our clients’ problems. Our team of top lawyers is dedicated to resolving our clients’ issues through hard work, commitment, and thorough research.

Confidentiality – While we expect complete transparency from our clients when sharing case history and facts, we consider it our responsibility as well to maintain the confidentiality of the information given with trust to us.

Transparency – The legal process is continually evolving. With that we have also advanced our tools to ensure, we maintain complete transparency with our clients.

Integrity – The relationship between our clients and lawyers is built on mutual respect and trust. We adhere to the highest standards of honesty and ethical conduct in our work.

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