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Corporate tax

Providing professional and advisory services in tax
and regulatory matters to companies operating within the country.

Income Tax

Providing professional and advisory services, including filing of Income Tax Returns (ITR), scrutiny during Dual Taxation advice.

GST Services

Providing professional and advisory services in Direct and Indirect Taxation, including GST return filing, complex GST issues, handling disputes with tax authorities, and represent clients in GST-related litigation.

Civil Law

Providing professional and advisory services in resolving civil disputes between individuals, organizations, or entities through the civil court system.

Criminal Law

Providing professional and advisory services in representing individuals accused of criminal offences.


Providing professional services in murder cases involving a range of legal and investigative activities aimed at ensuring a fair resolution to criminal homicide cases.

Domestic Violence‚Äč

Providing professional and advisory services in supporting victims, raising awareness, and addressing the various aspects of domestic violence.

Divorce Law

Providing professional services in legal procedures and regulations governing the dissolution of marriage.

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